Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swedish media rejects Sarah Palins book without reading it.

You won't believe this but this is how the swedish press operates. One of the four largest newspapers in Sweden , the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) writes about Sarah Palins new book, keep in mind it's not yet published. They use the typical "swedish method" when writing about the book, as they typically do when discussing anything american and "capitalist american culture".

The only newsworthy about the book so far, before it's released is that her book is selling better than any book has before even before its release. Thats newsworthy. They way CNN took up the news was by inviting a Palin hating individual that reportedly worked for the McCain-Palin presidential campaign. In the CNN news studio they did not talk about the book, only about how bad it would be if Sarah Plain was a candidate for the US presidency in 2012. So CNN takes the opportunity to talk about Plain at the time her book sells at record breaking pace and tries to damage her reputation 3 years before the next presidential election. The only purpose CNN would do that is to make sure the the public will dislike her in case she would run for president. This will improve Obamas chances for re-election in 2012 but of course he will not have a chance in hell to get re-elected after he is done with the destruction of the american economy as he is so good at.

In case you did not know, CNN's parent company Time Warner is one of the biggest contributor to the Obama campaign. They always forget to put that disclaimer on the bottom of the TV screen, "we support Obama at any cost". It should be posted on the screen so we know why they report the way they report, should'nt they?

Back to sweden, the SVD newspaper talk about Palins new book, the headline is " Here comes the american dumb bright" with a large picture of Sarah Palin. So far, its a news story of the type you would expect in countries at war with america or in a cold war.

But it gets better. The front page heading reads "Palins book, a hopeless mess of ideas".

The journalist have not read the book and don't know anything about the contents, but he declares it a "mess".

So far pretty interesting, right?

The journalist continues by hating the result of a gallup that showed Palin, Romney and Huckabee being the three main republican candidates for the next election.

The journalist did not like the result since, as he state it, "it shows the lack of intellectualism in the right". He continues "it's sad to see the republican becoming more dangerous on both ideas and decency." So he proved his radical leftist bias by now and will most likely have a secure emploment at the SvD newspaper.

Now that must be some new type of method in analyzing a book and its "intellectuallism?

This "swedish method" requires that you don't read the book you are commenting, you don't have any idea of what the contents of the book is, but you still define it as a hopeless mess of ideas and crap. Next you satisfy the far left by explaining how much you hate the republicans and declare them dangerous. Then you end the article and have some coffee.

That's the "swedish method" of trying to be "intellectual". An epic fail naturally but it wont matter in sweden where the "equality of ideas" rule the media. All journalists and media think the same they write similar stories and the public is told the same things. The public is told that sweden is better, the socialist system is better, america is full of capitalists and thats really bad.

The reason all swedish media loves Barack Obama and did so even at the beginning of his campaign before anyone knew anything about him, is perhaps because they assumed that he was a socialist or a marxist. Back then nobody knew anything about him, but my hunch is that the skilled and well trained marxists that dominate the swedish media somehow knew a lot about Obama. Why would they otherwise fall in love with him?

In case you wonder why so many swedes hates america and capitalism, you must understand that on political issues the public is informed by the swedish media that use the "swedish method". No facts are reported, only prejudice and opinions written by non-intellectual political leftists. Thats the "swedish method" of brainwashing people. It works so well that before the US election in opinion polls the swedes voted in support for Obama at a 97 % rate and in support of McCain at a 3 % rate? svd dn dn


  1. Well, its true isnt it? Logically the book has to be a mess since Palin is a mess. I love the way republicans are planning the next election. If they get Palin as a candidate (please let them!!) obama will stay for another period! GoBAMA!

  2. Hey, anonymous fuckwit: you're a mess. Palin would crush the hapless idiot presently occupying the White House. If you took Obambi's dick out of your mouth for a second maybe you'd realize that.