Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Body parts fly over the Christmas shoppers, again.

Last year it happened in Stockholm, Sweden. The muslim Christmas bomber luckily only killed himself last year due to a malfunction in the bombs he was carrying. The iraki left a statement last year indicating he wanted to kill "your children because of the insulting muhammed cartoons made by the cartoonist pig Vilks".

Muhammed as a dog. Worth killing for?

This year another muslim terrorist exploded grenades and used automatic weapons to kill Christmas shoppers in Liege, Belgium.

Six including a 2 year old baby is reportedly killed including the moroccan terrorist, the 33-year old Nordine Amrani. More grenades were found with the body of the moroccan terrorist.

Amrani was known by the police for drug- and sex crimes. In 2008 he was also convicted to 58 months in jail for possession of several weapons, 9500 weapon parts and for growing 2800 cannabis plants with a gang.

His motive is not clear at this time. Typically the muslim terrorists are brainwashed and used by others in the background to use fear and terror to create greater acceptance of muslims, greater immigration and islam.

In the case of the Stockholm bomb attack last year the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt responded then after jumping to a pre-mature conclusion by saying "It's important to state that they (sites of the bombings) are not confirmed to be part of the same attack" and "the attack is a threat to our open massimmigration policy, people will use that attack, to demand limitations on the open border policy".  svd

He used the bombing to make a political point on his immigration policy.

Mr. Reinfeldts provocative statement that enraged the swedes "the typical swedish traditions are barbaric" falls flat when reality always confirm that it's the opposite. Mr Reinfeldt's favorite citizens, the muslims, are behind 99 % of all terror and massmurders in the world including this one and including last years failed bombing in Stockholm.   svd dn exp ab exp dn svd svd dn

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  1. It doesn't say, anywhere, that the Liege bomber is a muslim terrorist? Yes he was a criminal. But criminal does not translate to muslim.